How Technology is Changing Payroll

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Thanks to the wonders of technology, many time costing elements such as bookkeeping and payroll can be done entirely digitally now, and in a fraction of the time they would have been in the past.

Essentially there are three main areas that technology is drastically changing the world of payroll and business management as a result. This article aims to explore these, and discuss how these can be used to completely overhaul the payroll system.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the process of using servers to save data and information on databases and files systems instead of holding information on a local machine.

The benefit of this is that information can be accessed at any point from any machine which has access to the cloud. This means that your information is much more readily available, as damaging one machine does not eradicate the data, it can simply be accessed from another computer or device.

But what’s most important about this, and how this benefits a payroll system, is that cloud computing allows many people to edit, add, remove, and change data at any point, from any location.

This effectively means that your payroll can be done by someone who is nowhere near your business. For all you care, your payroll service could be based in Australia when your business is actually in the United States!

In fact, most large companies normally operate this way, opting to have a payroll service ensure their employees are paid regularly and on-time. Know more!

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is a huge part of our everyday lives, it’s the process by which a wireless enabled device can transfer data, files, voice, and video through a network, without having a physical link to it.

Every modern mobile device has wireless capability, and this is the means by which we often use and take advantage of social media, and other applications on our phone that communicate between people and/or places.

Where payroll is concerned, mobile computing allows you to monitor your payroll services at any time, through a tablet or mobile device. It allows the editing of information, including the input of new employees, differing wages, or unusual circumstances at the click and/or tap of a button.

It means our payroll, our companies and how they work, no longer need to be monitored or changed from a dedicated location, but they can be done so at any point, through our devices.

There is no longer an excuse to allow fault in our pay rolling.

Simply open up your phone, and you can see your wage come in, or edit pay slips at a moment’s notice if that is your responsibility.

Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)

API’s allow an application to be developed that can interact with the processes that a computer can handle. Essentially, it allows integration of features from one process or application through functions found in another application.

This is used when perhaps a gaming application, uses the services of google maps within its core functions. Rather than writing a new application or coming up with their own version, they simply borrow the functions of another.

With the help of these, our payroll functions could potentially be built into another commonly used application, allowing employees to manage their pay slips without hassle, and managers to edit them as they check their usual applications.


Payroll can be a complex part of the business, and one often neglected by inexperienced businessmen and bookkeepers. It’s important to utilize these new technologies, and ensure your payroll is done correctly to build trust and reliability in your company. Don’t allow yourself to be left in the dark ages. For more details, visit: